Living healthy has never been this fun!


Use physical activity and sports during the day to accumulate points.

Spend your points to free rooms in the hotel and make them more luxurious!


Decorate your Hotel

Unlock new rooms by exercising sufficiently and eating healthy.

Then furnish these rooms completely to your own taste and build on your unique Inn


Follow your Progress

Stay informed of your own health through changes over time in your Inn that match your eating and exercise habits.
Make sure your guests come back to eat, sleep and enjoy themselves!


Feel Good

By playing Digest Inn, healthy eating and sufficient exercise will finally be fun and rewarding!

Digest Inn helps you to feel good about yourself and achieve your health goals!

Healthy Choices

About Digest Inn

Digest Inn is a mobile game that helps the dietitian to improve the treatment of their clients. Digest Inn motivates and encourages players to reach their treatment goals. The playful interactive tool uses a package of methods to make the treatment more effective and fun. Digest Inn is based on the fun factor from the creative industry and scientific knowledge from the research community.


Approximately 63% of all British adults are overweight or obese.


In the United Kingdom, £ 6.1 billion (3% of total health costs) is spent on obesity-related health problems each year.


70% of clients stop their treatment or diet before their goals are achieved.


You have 100% fun when you play Digest Inn, lose weight and bring your Inn to great heights!

Digest Inn The first game where losing equals winning!

Digest Inntake

Coming soon: intake application to map
clients’ food preferences

Digest Inntake is currently in development. Digest Inntake measures, records, analyzes and shows statistics on an individual level to create insight into a client’s unhealthy food preferences and the amount of effort a client wants to spent to obtain specific unhealthy foods.


What Our Partners Say

Digest Inn has been developed in collaboration with partners who understand the benefits that digital applications can offer in dietetics.

“We are convinced that this program, Digest Inn, is an interesting, new way to make the treatment of obesity more fun and therefore more effective. This application differs from existing apps and coaching programs because it is personalized and requires interaction by the dietitian.”

Susanne Leij-Halfwerk
Head teacher nutrition and dietetics han

“Digest Inn uses an applied game to support clients with the dietitian in their fight against the pounds. If we can support this treatment in a sustainable way by responding to the intrinsic motivation of clients to work on their goals in a playful manner, we can make a beautiful start.”


Latest News

HAN overeenkomst

Cooperation with Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen is official

The cooperation between the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen and Digest Inn has officially started!

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20/02/2017 0
PPM Oost

Digest Inn receives “Gelderland for Innovation” loan

Digest Inn has been financed for the first phase of the production process since December 2016.

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20/02/2017 0
Venture Challenge

Digest Inn waits for the results of the Venture Challenge

The Digest Inn team is looking forward to competing with the other teams and awaits the jury’s verdict with confidence.

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13/06/2016 0

This is what we’re good at

Digest Inn is designed and developed by GainPlay Studio. A serious games studio that in the past caused a stir with brain-controlled games, rehabilitation applications and games that encourage behavioral change.

In developing Digest Inn, this studio uses all its knowledge and experience to put an effective and impactful product on the market that can help people with this difficult to influence problem.

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Our Team

The Digest Inn team consists of a unique mix of professionals in the field of software development, science and business development.

Teun Aalbers


Commercial Director of Digest Inn.
Teun graduated in Human Movement Sciences in 2009 and continued his studies to get his PhD in 2016 from Radboud University Medical Center on Life Style Improvement through the use of eHealth.

Teun is one of the few amazing people in the world who has completed a puzzle of 24,000 pieces.

Ard Peeters


Scientific Director of Digest Inn. Ard graduated from the University of Nijmegen in 1986 with a PhD in Biology. Nowadays he is attached to the Radboud University in Nijmegen as special professor in behavioral psychology.

Ard combined his academic career with those in the pharmaceutical industry (Organon, Schering Plow, Merck).

Jan Jonk

Lead Designer

Co-founder, Interaction and Game Designer from GainPlay Studio with a special interest in designing innovative user experiences.

Jan graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2010 as a Master of Arts in European Media.

Jan likes to play games and build nests for ants in his spare time.

Frederik Jansen

Lead Artist

Lead Artist and Designer, inspired by new technology that stimulates social interaction, community, environment, communication and health. Graduated as New Media Designer from the Graphic Lycée in 2008 and as Illustrator of the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in 2013.

As singer in the Red Hot Chilinators, Frederik always has music in his head.

Remi Newton

Lead Programmer

Co-founder and Lead Programmer in all GainPlay Studio projects. Remi graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in Game Design & Development, in 2010.

Remi is a new dad that laughs a lot and can break out in uncontrollable maniacal laughter at any given moment.

Susanne Leij-Halfwerk

Dietitian & Adviser

Dr. Susanne Leij-Halfwerk has been working as a senior lecturer at HAN Nutrition and Dietetics since 2010 and since January 2013 she has been a senior researcher at the Nutrition and Health Research Group.

She conducts research in the field of nutritional assessments and screening, the use of games in dietary guidance and the effectiveness of dietary treatment.

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