Digest Inntake

Digest Inntake applicatie

What is the Digest Inntake application?

Based on scientific theory, the Digest Inntake application enables dieticians and GPs to determine which food groups or specific food products have highly personally reinforcing (addictive) values. The app identifies the type of food a person is addicted to and to what extent the participant is prepared to obtain products from this specific product group compared to other non-addictive products or food groups.

Digest Inn

The Digest Inntake App is part of a larger applied gaming project called Digest Inn. This project, sponsored by the Province of Gelderland (Oost NV), aims to overcome overweight people in order to overcome the battle against their unwanted pounds.

Gaming is rapidly emerging as a useful tool to increase adherence in therapies with compliance problems. These different, very effective treatment strategies lack the intrinsic and / or extrinsic motivation to ‘keep at it’. Digest Inn is specially designed to help overweight and obese people who have already applied for help from a professional (for example a dietitian). This specific group has already taken the (first) steps necessary to achieve effective and positive change in their lifestyle. The Digest Intake App is the first step in identifying problem behavior and is partly used as input for the Digest Inn mobile game.

The first version of Digest Inn will be published shortly and will be examined as a pilot for effectiveness and ease of use.


  • The application automatically saves all data of the participant (rough and summarized)
  • Easy to use, easy to explain user interface
  • Adjust the test settings with the click of a button
  • Change the graphical user interface in an instant

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